17 - 31 December 2024

Corbett Gardens, Bowral

The Southern Highlands… In A New Light!

Go Light Me!

Did you love the 2023 Festival of Lights?

The Festival of Lights is a month long community event that takes place each December in Corbett Gardens, Bowral.

Stunning lighting installations and an extensive program of mostly free events, take place during the Festival of Lights, providing locals and visitors to the Southern Highlands with a wonderful, family-friendly experience during the festive season. The 2023 Festival of Lights saw many thousands of people of all ages stroll, picnic, sing, dance in Corbett Gardens while soaking up the joyous, festive atmosphere of the event.

 Many people incorrectly believe the Festival of Lights is totally funded by Wingecarribee Shire Council. Whilst we totally appreciate their partnership by way of use of Corbett Gardens and it’s facilities, the financial contribution in 2023 was $25,000. The reality is, this does not even cover half the labour cost of installing, maintaining and removing the lights, or major, essential costs such as licences, insurance, security, first aid, sound, entertainment, and the list goes on.

The Festival of Lights is an initiative of Business Southern Highlands. The lights were initially funded by a local business person by way of a loan to allow the Festival of Lights to commence three years ago. The debt has to be funded or the Festival of Lights shall not continue.

The complete production, management and marketing of the Festival of Lights is all provided on a voluntary basis by a very small, local team:

Deb Blackah – Oxley Partners Chartered Accountants

Michaela Bolzan – Creative & Co

Scott Dunstan – Argyle Housing

Arron Thorp – from Think Software

To secure the future of the light installations for the community, we need to raise $200,000 to repay the debt and a further $100,000 each and every year in order for the much loved event to continue into the future. Every $1 donated buys one fairy light. Any Sponsorships and creative funding ideas and your willingness to help in the fundraising process will be very much appreciated.

Donations can be made directly into the Festival of Lights’ bank account:

BSB:  633000

Account Number:  207849266  

Please support this positive community event.

Or click here to go directly to our Paypal account.

Thank you,

Deb (a.k.a Fairy 1) and

Michaela (a.k.a Fairy 2)